Robo Slug


Battle the alien invaders in this great 2D Shoot'em up


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If you enjoy blasting things in an slick and colorful game, you must download Robo Slug 2 and have a lot of fun.

Control Robo Slug by using the arrow keys and use the mouse to fire the weapons. At first t is very easy, but as long as you pass levels it becomes more and more difficult and exciting.

When you'll pass levels you will get a great variety of spectacular weapons and power-ups, so you'll have fun at any time, no matter if you are in the first level or the last one.

Take advantage of a wide weaponry and blast all creatures approaching Robo Slug. Enjoy this great 2D game which will give you hours of fun and discover that a good 2D game can be really funny too.

Finally, it's totally free.
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